Sample Menus & Pricing

The personal chef rate of $75/hour includes menu planning and development, shopping, prep time, cook time, on-site time, and clean up. Your kitchen will always be left in the condition it was found, if not cleaner. All pots and pans that were used will be washed. For larger dinners, cocktail parties, etc, there are servers and bartenders available upon request. Each server or bartender is $35.00 per hour. This includes bar set up, dining table set up, drink service before and after food service, food delivery, clearing, and table break down. 

Food is sold to the client at cost - you pay the same price for food that I do. An itemized receipt for both grocery and time will be presented at the end of service. Any leftovers belong to the client, including the reheating instructions as well as leftover ideas.

Below are three sample menu items with local favorites and personal specialties for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Click to view/download each PDF