What's For Dinner?

Cape Cod Personal Chef

What does a personal chef do?

I’ll come to your home and prepare entrees and side dishes -- enough for you, your family and friends or however many meals you would like. You decide how many you want to feed. You can eat what I’ve prepared for dinner right away, or leave some in the refrigerator to eat in the next day or two. You can also have me make extra and I'll be happy to freeze some for later use. This is FULL SERVICE. That is, I’ll shop for the food based on your menu selection; and if necessary, bring my own pots and pans, spices, herbs and all of the supplies needed to prepare your meals. And, when I’ve finished I’ll leave your kitchen as clean as when I arrived. It is important to remember that a personal chef doesn’t cater events. A personal chef is someone who buys the food, prepares it as desired, packages and stores or freezes the leftovers, and leaves your home.

Who uses a personal chef?

Anyone who is too busy to cook every day. If you are young, an empty-nester, have children, live alone, or perhaps are recuperating from an illness, having a personal chef is an easy way to eat well and eat what you like.

Who chooses the menu?

You do. We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes. If you have a favorite family recipe, I can prepare that for you as well.