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Started by my father, Chef Robert Hessler, What's Cooking was passed down to me in the Fall of 2016. I am no stranger to the world of professional cooking. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 18 years, doing every job from dishwasher, prep cook to line cook, barback and bartender, to head chef and eventually restaurant owner. I am eager and excited to take something my father started and put my own unique twist on it.

I love to cook, it is my passion. Whether it’s for friends & family, parties, or for business, I love to prepare food for people to enjoy. Kitchens and food bring people together. I have spent half of my life in kitchens and I learned how to make delicious food for people to enjoy with one another.

- Caleb Hessler

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Personal Chef

Food is prepared on site. I will come cook the meal in your home while you entertain or relax. Imagine it as bringing a restaurant to you. I will set the table, prepare the meal, serve you and your guests, and then clear the table and clean up as if I was never there.


Catering & Clambakes

Food is prepared off site and then delivered with reheating instructions to enjoy at your leisure. Everything from personal dinners to clambakes, and backyard BBQ’s to buffet style events.


Private Events

A private restaurant space, located in Chatham, is available for those that either don’t have the space, or would prefer to not entertain in the house.